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A drum fanatic’s guide to the drum set and all things drumming

I’ve been fascinated with everything related to the drum set since I picked up my first pair of sticks. I’m even just geeky enough to be interested in how they are built. This site is the result of that fascination.

This site is a resource for drummers, parents, educators and anyone interested in learning more about the instrument.

Whether you’re looking to buy a drum kit, improve your skills, find drum sheet music or just seeking a little inspiration, you will find it here.

If you are new to the drums, or want to improve your knowledge about the drum sets, what they are made of, and all of the hardware that goes with them, start with the buying guide.

When you are ready to buy your first drum kit, our beginner drum set reviews will help you choose the right one.

Or, if you are upgrading from that first set, I have several recommendations on intermediate drum kits that will just blow your socks off!

In the How to Play section, we’re featuring beginner drum lessons from professional drummer Jeff Olson. Jeff is a true artist when it comes to time and technique, and these lessons are sure to give you a solid start on your drumming quest. This section also features a ton of free stuff, like videos on how to set up your kit and great tutorial on learning read drum music.

I’m adding more content frequently to Music Sheets and Cool Beats, a collection of solos, drum grooves and fills for drummers with various levels of experience. Did I mention that all that stuff is free?

I’ve also got some great info when it comes to tuning your drums. For example, what has a bigger influence on the sound of your drums? The drum shells or the drumheads? You might be surprised at the answer. Visit tuning your kit for some great tuning strategies, starting with choosing the right drumheads for “your” sound.

If you are up for saving some serious money on a drum kit, consider buying used drums. But first, be sure to check out the (free!) used drum buying guide.

Happy exploring and keep on drummin’!